If you’re like many Pacific Northwestern residents right now, you’re ready for the warmer, longer days of springtime. Things are starting to bloom and it’s easier to get outside and enjoy the beauty of our area. Springtime is also a great time to tackle your home maintenance to-do list. Is getting your professional HVAC maintenance appointment on your list? If not, prioritize that, so you can ensure your system is working at peak efficiency. So, here are some important benefits of spring HVAC maintenance.

You’ll be able to count on a reliable system.

Your home or commercial building’s HVAC system is a big financial investment. And if it stops working unexpectedly, it can cause stress. The best way to ensure your system is running reliably is to stay on top of professional maintenance with the experts at Specialty Heating and Cooling. We’ll check the internal parts, the outside unit, run an energy efficiency check, clean or replace air filters, and ensure that there are no glaring issues that could cause a problem later.

Maintenance keeps your utility bill from fluctuating.

Life is expensive these days and finding ways to save money is important. If you neglect regular tune-ups on your machine, you might discover that your utility bill is increasing. This could be because the system is working harder than it needs to, which means it’s using extra energy. That translates to bigger utility bills and additional strain on the machine. If we discover a problem, we will discuss any repairs needed. It’s our goal to come up with a solution so you can get the system working properly as soon as possible.

If your machine stops working, you could be left with an uncomfortable inside temperature and a big bill for repair or replacement. Avoid that stress and schedule your maintenance appointment!

There’s no doubt about it: professional tune-ups give home and business owners the peace of mind they need regarding their system’s reliability. So, no matter what type of weather we get this spring, prepare ahead of time with your springtime tune-up. With more than four decades of experience serving customers around Oregon, you can trust our knowledge and expertise. Call us today to get your appointment scheduled!

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