Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Tigard

    Since our start in 1985, we’ve been providing the best in services for our customers, dedicating ourselves to complete customer satisfaction.
    We hold the same high standards in our duct cleaning service for Tigard, OR.
    We’re a BBB A+ rated company, and we’ve been recognized by consumer advocacy groups like Angie’s List for our excellence in customer service.

    Our duct cleaning experts are experienced and thorough and provide a duct cleaning experience that will greatly improve the indoor air quality in your home. When it comes to duct cleaning and indoor air quality, Tigard trusts Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC!

    Our Duct Cleaning Service Includes:
    • Duct Inspection
    • HEPA Filtration Equipment Usage
    • Dryer vent cleaning
    • Nylon or Steel Brush Cleaning
    • Additional Indoor Air Quality Solutions

    Duct Cleaning and Your Health

    Duct Cleaning in Tigard, OR
    Indoor air quality is an extremely important and often overlooked factor in the overall cleanliness and safety of your home. Poor IAQ can cause many negative health symptoms, from worsening of pre-existing allergy and respiratory conditions to causing headaches, fatigue, and other unwanted side effects. Air pollutants like dust, mold, bacteria, and even pet dander can negatively affect your air supply and can remain trapped in your air ducts. When your conditioned air travels through your ducts, it can carry with it all those contaminants, and introduce them into the very air you breathe. Cleaning your ducts will remove these unwanted airborne pollutants and improve your indoor air quality, making your home a safer, cleaner place to live.
    Benefits of Duct Cleaning:
    • Removal of Air Contaminants
    • Reduction of Mold and Dust Particles from Ducts
    • Can Improve Allergy Symptoms
    • Decreases Air Pollutants

    High-Quality Tigard Duct Cleaning

    Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC provides an extremely thorough, complete duct cleaning service. We’ll spend several hours ensuring that your ducts are completely clean, so you can enjoy the benefits of improved indoor air quality. Our experienced IAQ team will use cutting-edge HEPA filtration machines to clean your ducts, using nylon or steel brushes (depending on your ducts) to completely sanitize and remove the pollen, mold, mildew, dust, and any other air contaminants from your ducts.

    If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned, or just recently had home renovations or moved into a new home, our duct cleaning service can greatly increase the quality of your air. Let us help you breathe better with our duct cleaning service!

    Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC also provides duct cleaning in:

    If you’re in need of a high-quality, complete duct cleaning service, you can rely on the heating and cooling technicians at Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC. Serving Tigard for over three decades, we hold your satisfaction as the highest compliment for our work. If you’d like to learn more about duct cleaning, please call us today!

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