This year, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. This is a special day to remind us that we need to care for our beautiful Earth and keep it clean and protected for future generations.

For the average home or business owner, heating and cooling usage is one of the biggest expenses. That translates to using significant amounts of energy every year, and that means we should be mindful about how we can reduce that and any negative impacts that come with it.

Here are some ways to remember energy efficiency for Earth Day.

#1: Schedule Professional HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Not only will regular professional tune-ups on your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump prolong the life of the system, but it can also prevent costly repairs that stretch your wallet and cause harm to the environment over time. Maintenance also ensures your machine is running exactly as it should – at optimal efficiency.

Our experts at Specialty Heating and Cooling will run an energy efficiency check to ensure it’s working at top efficiency, then clean or replace the filters. We’ll also check the internal components to make sure there are no issues. All these steps in the tune-up process will ensure you’re not wasting energy. And you’ll also be able to rest easily, knowing that your machine is up to the task of keeping you comfortable all season long.

#2. Clean or Replace Air Filters

This is a home maintenance task that many people forget about. Unfortunately, it’s one of the things that can wear your machine down prematurely while also causing excess energy usage. Dirty, clogged filters mean your system works harder to do its job. That means higher utility bills, which could interrupt your efforts in conserving Earth’s precious resources. We recommend cleaning or replacing your air filters every 1 to 2 months.

#3. Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you don’t currently have a programmable thermostat, now’s the time to add one! These products help you save energy and could reduce your monthly utility bill. How? Just like the name says: you can program the temperature to what you want, when you want it. Away for the day? Turn down the thermostat so you’re not heating or cooling and empty room, and then program it to turn back to your desired temperature just before you arrive back.

#4. Replace your old machine

Old, outdated furnaces or air conditioners can use a lot more energy than today’s EnergyStar® rated systems. If your machine is more than 15 years old, there’s a good chance it’s not as efficient and effective as it could be. We are glad to look at your machine to determine if a furnace replacement is necessary, or if it has more life in it. Our goal is to be good stewards of the Earth, all while helping you stay comfortable all year long.

Call us today to schedule your AC maintenance, learn more about programmable thermostat installations, or to get a free quote on a new energy efficient system. We look forward to helping you!

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