If opening up the energy bill each month makes your stomach turn, you aren’t alone. Plenty of homeowners are dealing with hefty energy bills that can be due to AC inefficiency. Instead of continuing to watch funds swiftly deplete from your bank account each month, learn about ways to operate your air conditioner in a more efficient way this summer.

Schedule Maintenance

Before the temperatures begin to soar, schedule a maintenance appointment with one of our team members. A poorly functioning air conditioner can eat up more energy than a properly working unit. The technician can check to see if any issues are consuming unnecessary energy and then offer a solution for the problem. Even basic maintenance can increase the efficiency of the unit. Keep in mind that now is a good time to schedule your appointment. As the season goes on, appointments can take longer to book as more people are using their air conditioners.

Don’t Ignore Problems

When you hear a funny noise coming from the air conditioner or see excessive moisture gathering around the unit, you might be inclined to dismiss the issue as minor. However, this approach can lead to bigger and more expensive problems down the road, and the unit might stop functioning entirely. Problems with your air conditioner can put more demand on the components, thereby leading to excessive energy consumption. While you might be concerned about the cost of repairs, note that scheduling service can offer long-term savings, as you’ll have more money in the bank each month.

Clean the Vents

If the vents are blocked or dirty, your air conditioning unit is likely using more power to run than necessary. Scheduling a professional vent cleaning with our team can relieve stress on the system and cool down the house in a more affordable way. Speak with a representative to find out how often you should have the vents cleaned. You could schedule your next appointment right away to ensure that your unit keeps running at its optimal level.

Replace Old Units

In general, older systems were not designed with the same energy-efficient goals in mind as newer systems are. In short, an older air conditioning system may be the reason why your bills are so high every month. While getting an entirely new system is an expense, weigh out the financial benefits of doing so. Getting a new system or unit can also be a smart move if you’re planning to sell the house soon. Many prospective buyers are looking for homes that don’t require immediate upgrades.

Check Your Appliances and Lightbulbs

Other appliances and devices in your home might be heating the space. For example, you might have old appliances that are generating too much heat or lightbulbs that are doing the same. Anything that makes your house warmer puts additional pressure on the air conditioner to keep up with the temperature increase. A professional can identify potential sources of energy drain and strain in your home and offer recommendations for creating a more energy-efficient space.

Note the Unit’s Location

If your air conditioning unit is sitting directly under the sun, the system may need to work harder to keep up with the demands of your home. This excess heat could also be damaging the system. When you’re getting a new system installed, speak with our team members about the ideal outdoor location for the units. If you’re not seeking a replacement unit at this time, talk with the technician about ways to give the unit some shade.

Increase the Thermostat Temperature

After a hot and sweaty day at work or an afternoon at the park, you may be eager to come home and blast the air conditioner at a low temperature. While the sudden burst of cool air likely feels pleasant, you don’t need to keep the unit at that temperature. Setting the air conditioner to a higher temperature can still cool you down and lead to more affordable bills. You can speak with one of our specialists about the ideal temperature for your home.

Close Doors and Windows

While the gentle smell of summer rain or the crisp breeze of a late-season wind can feel appealing, leaving doors and windows open while the air conditioning is running will put more pressure on the system. The air conditioner has to work harder to keep the home at your set temperature since the system is working against Mother Nature. Decide between turning on the air conditioner and opening up the windows.

Cover the Windows

Direct sunlight coming into your home can also increase the temperature, thereby giving the air conditioner more work to do. While you don’t necessarily need to prevent all sunlight from coming into your house, hanging up blackout curtains can help. You can leave the curtains closed in rooms that you aren’t in and then open the fabric up when you want to get a bit of light into a specific part of your dwelling.

Don’t Run the Oven

Your air conditioner will also have to work harder to cool the house if the oven is on. While avoiding the oven completely for the entire season may be unrealistic, use the summer as an opportunity to try out some lighter recipes. You could also cook outdoors on the grill and then come inside to enjoy the air conditioner.

Get a Smart Thermostat

In addition to maintaining a reasonable temperature while you’re awake and in the house, you should do the same when you’re sleeping and out. Have one of our team members install a smart thermostat to give you more control over the home. For example, if you go upstairs to bed at night and realize that you forgot to turn up the temperature downstairs, you can do so from the comfort of your room on your phone. When you’re out at work or social gatherings, you can adjust the temperature remotely. This feature is particularly useful for pet parents. You can ensure that your furry friends are kept comfortable while you’re away.

At Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC, we’re here to help with all of your heating and air conditioning needs, including making your home more energy efficient. We proudly serve Tigard and the surrounding areas. Our team members can install, maintain and repair your home’s heating and air conditioning units. We work with heat pumps as well. Some of our other services include work on water heaters, ductless systems and generators, and indoor air quality checks. Our team in Portland can test out the quality of the air in your home and offer suggestions to improve the environment for you and your loved ones. Our staff members are trained and experienced in servicing both residential and commercial properties. Make sure to ask about our financing program, specials, and loyalty referral program. We are proud to offer maintenance agreements too. No matter what work needs to be done on your home or business’s heating or cooling system, contact Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC to schedule an appointment today.

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