Winter comes with a lot of expenses as people prepare for the holidays. Many go home to spend the holidays with their loved ones or just relax as they culminate the year. However, another aspect that increases expenses is HVAC usage. The cold season causes people to crank up their heaters to get enough warmth. This means they will use more energy and pay more in utility bills.

Nevertheless, you can still enjoy warmth and comfort while reducing energy consumption. Our technicians at Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC help clients discover effective energy-saving tactics for their HVAC systems. Here are seven tips to help homeowners in Tigard and around the Portland, OR area.

1. Change the Furnace Filter

Your heating system works more during winter since the outdoor environment is colder than usual. You may want to keep the unit running so that the house remains toasty. For the furnace to work optimally, it requires maximum airflow to help it attain the set temperatures quickly. Therefore, you should change the furnace filter when the cold season sets in.

The filter usually sieves dust, debris, and other unwanted particles floating in the air. It creates a barrier that prevents these items from getting into the rooms. Over time, the dust may accumulate and block the holes, reducing the amount of heated air passing through. Consequently, your unit will work harder to maintain set temperatures, and it will consume more energy. With a new filter, your furnace works optimally, reducing the energy required to raise the room temperature.

2. Get Professional HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

One sure way of keeping your unit in good shape is by scheduling annual professional HVAC tune-ups. These sessions allow our technicians to inspect the entire HVAC system for signs of damage and fix them. We usually check all the parts involved in the heating and cooling process and do minor repairs. This helps the unit to operate at an optimum level.

When your HVAC develops problems, it strains to achieve its regular functions, and it consumes more energy. You end up with high energy bills to pay and an uncomfortable house. However, by working with our professionals, you can enjoy regular maintenance to keep the system functioning at its best. We also perform quality repairs to restore the total capacity of the heater. Nevertheless, if the unit develops repeated issues, then we recommend replacement.

Some of the symptoms of HVAC problems include the following:

  • Usually loud noises
  • Flickering thermostat light
  • Uneven heating
  • Reduced airflow
  • A stench from the unit
  • Failure to start
  • Frequent restarting
  • Reduced indoor air quality

3. Set Suitable Thermostat Temperatures

At [company name], we advise our clients in Tigard to maintain a stable indoor temperature of not less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not get tempted to turn off the heat when you leave the house since it may not benefit your energy consumption. When the room gets cold, your HVAC system will have a hard time warming them up when you return later in the day. This consumes much more energy than maintaining a stable indoor environment.

However, when the rooms remain at about 55 to 65 degrees, the heating system will only consume minimal energy to maintain that temperature. You enjoy a constantly comfortable environment while not overworking your HVAC system. Having a programmable thermostat may also help you attain this goal without constant interaction with the thermostat.

Modern thermostats allow you to pre-set various temperature settings for different times, depending on your schedule. The device will automatically adjust the room temperature accordingly so your house remains comfortable. Additionally, its technology helps it learn your daily pattern and adjust accordingly without your constant command.

4. Seal Your Home

Keeping your home warm requires you to prevent the cold outdoor air from entering the house. This can only happen when you seal any spaces that may allow the air inside. The first step is sealing your doors and windows. This closes the gaps left when you shut the windows or doors, preventing outdoor and indoor air from interacting.

We also advocate for inspections to check for ductwork leaks. It is possible to lose heat when the ducts responsible for heat transfer have holes or get disconnected. Therefore, professional inspection and repair ensure you won’t lose heat and can conserve energy. It is also essential to check the roofing system for any leaking points in the vents and ask for expert assistance in repairing them.

5. Dress Warmly

Many people in Tigard wear light clothes indoors and adjust the thermostat to a high setting high to help them keep warm. However, you should understand that your HVAC system should be the secondary heat source. It would help if you did not burden it with the sole responsibility of keeping the family warm.

You shouldn’t have to wear jackets in the house, but it may be good to wear sweaters and socks to avoid exposure to the cold. This way, you will not need a lot of warmth from your heater. You can turn the thermostat a few degrees lower, which will help reduce its energy consumption.

6. Use Curtains

Did you know that curtains can help you conserve energy during winter? The work of curtains is to prevent people from looking in and to keep the outdoor environment away. Therefore, you can use this to your benefit. We recommend opening your blinds during the day to let in the sun’s rays. Sunshine automatically heats the rooms and can help increase the indoor temperature. Therefore, you will not need a lot of heat from your HVAC system.

At night, you should close all the curtains to prevent heat loss. The blinds act as a shield to reduce heat transfer, keeping the home warmer. Therefore, if you do not have heavy curtains, you may need to consider purchasing some to help reduce the work of your furnace.

7. Add Insulation

Insulating your home is also a splendid way of preventing heat loss during winter. You can insulate the outside walls and the attic since they are in contact with cold air. This way, the rooms will retain their heat and give your heater an easy time keeping the home warm.

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