With the weather sunny and the days getting longer, homeowners are working on their home maintenance tasks. After all, now’s the perfect time to get caught up on those to-dos that got shoved to the back burner during the cold winter. As the spring and summer heat kicks in, don’t forget to make sure your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool. Here’s what your AC checklist should include.

Checklist Item #1: A professional tune-up.
At the top of your list should be a note to call the experts at Specialty Heating and Cooling for an AC tune-up. Preventative maintenance appointments are key to maintaining your system and ensuring you get the most life out of it. We recommend annual maintenance to ensure efficiency and life span. Springtime is the best time to complete this project, too! That way, when the warm weather lands for an extended time, your air conditioning system is ready to go.

Checklist Item #2: Change or replace your air filters.
When was the last time you cleaned or replaced your machine’s air filters? Dirty, clogged air filters are not good for your system or your indoor air quality. In fact, dirty air filters allow dirty air to get inside. So, make sure to clean air filters help the air-conditioned air circulate unobstructed through the system and will keep things running efficiently.

Checklist Item #3: Reverse your ceiling fan direction.
Do you use ceiling fans in your home or business? Make sure that they are rotating counterclockwise in the summer. This keeps the air pushed down so the room stays cool.

Checklist Item #4: Clean around the exterior AC unit.
Winter weather can lead to twigs, leaves, tree branches, grass clippings and other debris accumulating around your exterior AC unit. So, make sure you clean off anything that has built up on top of the system and ensure the area around it is free of obstructions.

Checklist Item #5: Check your window and door seals.
Poor sealing around doors and windows can cause your air-conditioned air to get outside. Make sure caulking and other seals are secure and tight around windows and doors so you can maintain an even temperature in the home and minimize wasted energy.

So, call our team at Specialty Heating and Cooling to help get your AC system tuned up and ready to go for summer! Perhaps you need a new system completely. We can help find a system that meets your budget and your home or business needs. We look forward to helping you stay comfortable this spring and summer!

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