The forecast calls for 90 degrees, so you turn the air conditioning on. It makes a sputtering sound but doesn’t turn on and blow air. Your stomach drops because you know this could mean bad news. You’re not only going to be hot and uncomfortable inside, but you might have an expensive repair on your hands. Want to avoid unexpected cooling system breakdowns and save your money on costly repairs? Here are some tips.

First, stay on top of cleaning and replacing your air filters. We unfortunately see a lot of machines that break down due to neglect, and air filters are part of that. The air filters in your system capture dust, dirt, debris, and other allergens and particles from the air. But, over time, that can build up and clog, causing the airflow to be cut off. This not only introduces dirty air to your home, but it also causes the machine to work hard to push cool air into your home. This puts strain on the system and if that goes on for a long time, internal components can break prematurely.

Second, look around the exterior air conditioning unit. Is it free and clear of debris? Lawn clippings, twigs, shrub debris, or other leaves should be clear from the outside unit. Leave about two feet of space between the system and bushes or shrubs, and if you are doing yard work, sweep any excess debris away. You don’t want that material to make its way inside the machine and wreak havoc.

Last, set a reminder for annual air conditioning maintenance. Just like your car needs regular tune-ups and your body needs check-ups, so does the cooling system of your home. Our team of licensed and trained HVAC technicians will run an energy efficiency check and work their way through a multi-point system to ensure that the machine is working at optimum efficiency. If there are any red flags or spots that could turn into an issue later, we will talk to you about getting those fixed. That way, you’re not left with a hefty repair bill when you least expect it.

Warm summers are better with cool air conditioning systems! Call our team today at Specialty Heating and Cooling to make a maintenance appointment or to learn more about getting a new cooling system installed this year. We love serving our Oregon customers and our commitment to quality and customer service is unmatched. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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