Winter is here and the temperatures are colder. This is the time when you need a reliable furnace. Wondering how to keep your machine functioning at its peak – no matter what winter weather comes our way? A professional tune-up is your best bet. So, not sure if your heating system needs one? Here are some signs.

Unusual sounds or smells.
Your heating system shouldn’t have loud noises or unusual smells coming from the main unit, or the vents. If you notice a smoke, burning, or rotten egg odor, this could be a sign of something potentially dangerous. If you hear clanging or banging, there may be an internal component of the machine that needs attention. Screeching noises could indicate a belt problem. Leaking hoses should be looked at by a professional, too. So, don’t ignore these potential issues. Doing this could damage your machine further damage and maybe even cause a more expensive repair.

Increases in energy bills.
Things are expensive right now and rate increases for everyday utilities are common. But, if your last energy bill was significantly higher and your utility costs didn’t go up, you might have an inefficient furnace. Our team at Specialty Heating and Cooling can do an energy efficiency check and determine if there’s an issue. Preventative maintenance appointments are one way to do that. We will diagnose any problem or potential problem spots and get them fixed. That way you can rest knowing things are running as efficiently as possible.

You’ve never had the machine professionally tuned-up.
Just like cars need oil changes, or your teeth need regular cleanings and checkups, so does your furnace system. If you’ve never had a professional tune-up on your machine, it’s important to schedule your appointment soon. Not only will this help prevent future problems, but it will also help bolster the lifespan of your machine and help you get the most out of it.

A reliable heating system is a must-have this winter. So, contact us today to schedule your preventative maintenance appointment so you can rest comfortably all season long.