Oregon residents are used to living with unpredictable weather conditions. Whether it’s wind, inches of rain, lightning, or the occasional snow or ice storm, losing your power can be disruptive, stressful, and expensive. That’s where a generator can help! Every homeowner should consider having a backup generator to ensure life goes on as normal in the event of a weather incident or natural disaster.

Did you know that wildfires, hurricanes, and ice storms have doubled the number of U.S. power outages in the last two decades? According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, these major weather events have also doubled the average power outage from 4 to 8 hours. Extreme summer heat can also cause transformers to blow, leaving you without power.

How does a generator work?

Like an air conditioning unit, standby generators are permanently installed outside on your property and then wired to an electrical panel with a transfer switch. These are more reliable than a portable generator. They will automatically turn on when a power outage happens, so even if you’re away from home, you won’t have to worry.

It keeps you protected during a storm or other severe weather event.
Generators are permanently installed and are always monitoring connection to the main power unit. If there’s a loss of electricity, your generator will start working seamlessly. It will keep your home or business heated in the winter or cooled in the summer. You won’t have to worry about spoiled food in the fridge or freezer, or about losing time away from your laptop while you work from home or from the office.

Generators give you peace of mind.
When the power goes out, you don’t want to stress about when it will come back on and what changes you’ll have to make to your daily routine. Your home generator is wired right into your electrical system and doesn’t require any setup from you. Once the professionals install it, you can feel confident that it will kick in when it’s needed.

It is important to prepare for various scenarios in your home or commercial business ahead of time. Whether it’s extreme summer temperatures like we’ve experienced the last few years, or a classic Pacific Northwest storm, a generator provides the reliability you need. So, call Specialty Heating and Cooling today to learn more about generators and how your space can benefit from one.

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