Our recent winter weather event left thousands of Oregon customers out of power for days – and some, even longer than that. The Pacific Northwest is home to fallen trees, windy and rainy weather, and even ice. This could cause power outages. And, those can surely disrupt your life in so many ways.

So, how can you stay prepared?

A generator can help you maintain power and connectivity in the event of a power outage.

A standby generator is permanently installed outside of your home and are wired to an electrical panel with a transfer switch. No power cords are needed and are stronger than a portable generator. That means you and your family can stay comfortable no matter what storms head your way.

How does it work?

A standby generator senses when a power outage occurs and will automatically turn on in that event – even if you’re not home. These generators can power lights, chargers, appliances, the Internet, and other electronics to keep you up and running.

Installing a generator is an investment for your home, but when you consider the potential long-term savings, it’s a great option. This is a great way to ensure all of the food in your fridge and freezer stays at the right temperature, which is a huge cost savings. In addition, these can be truly lifesaving additions to homes – especially for those who are more vulnerable with age or illness. For example, if your medication needs to be refrigerated, a generator will help ensure the fridge still runs. For the elderly, it is important to keep inside in a warm space during the winter and cool in the summer, and a generator can help keep the heating or cooling system running without any negative interruption.

So, as you look toward the rest of 2024 with all sorts of weather on the horizon, consider how a generator can help keep you and your family safe and comfortable. Our team at Specialty Heating and Cooling proudly installs generators and will discuss which wattage will work best for your space. Call us today to learn more about generators and how one could add value and convenience to your home.

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