Summer is one of the most popular times to head out for vacation. Whether you are staying local, or doing a bigger trip across the country, there is plenty of planning that goes into a vacation. Don’t forget to plan for the things that your home will need while you’re away – including your cooling system!

If you are planning on being gone for just a few days, it’s fine to leave the air conditioner on, but turned to a higher temperature. This helps keep humidity at bay and will keep air circulating so it doesn’t sit stagnant. If you plan on being gone for more than a week, it is best to turn the system off, so you are not wasting energy. Use your programmable thermostat to program the system to turn on a day or two before you get home, so the space can adjust to the right temperature and ensure it is cool and comfortable by the time you return.

If you plan on leaving any pets in the home while you’re gone, this also factors into your plan for keeping your system on or not. Keeping your pets in a space that has a comfortable temperature is important! Also, make sure to keep your eye out on the weather forecast. If temperatures are expected to get incredibly hot, keep the air conditioning running and make sure the curtains or blinds are closed before you leave. Minimizing sunlight in the home will help keep things cooler inside.

Your cooling system is one of the main things you rely on during the summer, so make sure it’s taken care of before you leave. Your annual air conditioning tune-up is part of that, too. During this appointment, our professional technicians will clean or change air filters, run an energy efficiency check, and make sure all of the internal components are working as they should. If we spot anything that could pose a problem in the future, or something that needs immediate repair, we’ll talk to you about it and make a plan. Our goal is to make sure you stay comfortable all year long – no matter what the weather is like outside!

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