Fall this year is proving to be beautiful but cold. In fact, most of us around Oregon have already turned on the furnace! Here’s how the cold weather impacts your system and how you can keep it working reliably.

When outside temperatures dip, your furnace system works hard to circulate air into your home to keep it warm and cozy. When this happens, dust and debris accumulate easily. If this debris builds up, it can negatively impact the performance of your unit. Over time, this leads to unnecessary wear and tear on its internal components. This could translate to broken parts or increased utility bills.

So, make sure to check your air filter every month during the coldest parts of the year. We recommend cleaning/replacing them as necessary. This allows air to flow properly, and also helps with keeping the air cleaner for breathing.

It’s also critical to schedule your annual tune up from our team at Specialty Heating and Cooling. Our experienced HVAC technicians will clean the internal components of the machine and check to make sure it is running at peak energy efficiency. If there are any issues spotted – or things that could pose a problem in the future – we’ll discuss that with you and make sure things are fixed.

If you are changing the thermostat up and down all the time, this can also impact how your furnace system works. This is especially true of your system is older. It will struggle to reach and maintain the desired temperature during cold weather. So, keep the thermostat set to a comfortable temperature and leave it there. Setting it between 70 and 74 degrees is optimal.

Have you noticed that your furnace just simply isn’t keeping up with the demand of cold fall temperatures? It might be a sign that it needs repair or replacement. If you notice any unusual sounds or smells, or it simply isn’t working as reliably as it should, our team is happy to look to diagnose the problem. We’ll work with you to find a solution that gets your home or business back to the comfortable temperature you need.

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