As we settle into new fall and winter routines, viruses seem to lurk at every corner. Avoiding colds, flu strains, and COVID is of utmost priority for most Oregonians this year. Installing an air purification system can be a great way to improve the air you’re breathing. And, they help keep you healthier during peak cold and flu season. Here are some important must-knows.

Air purifiers are some of the best ways to clean the air you breathe. In other words, they aid in removing bacteria, allergens, and other molecules that contribute to bad indoor air quality. At Specialty Heating and Cooling, we’ll help you determine which air purification system is right for your home or commercial space. We’ll install it alongside your heating and cooling system, so you can benefit from clean air all year long.

Our favorite air purification product that reduces allergens and harmful airborne microbes is the Reme Halo indoor air purifier. This state-of-the-art system mimics the process of cleaning the air used by hydrogen peroxide molecules in nature. It’s proven to reduce up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, and mold, and reduces sneeze germs by 99% in the time a sneeze can reach three feet. It’s easily integrated into your existing HVAC system, too.

Staying warm and comfortable during the coldest days of fall and winter will help keep you healthier, as well. So, make sure your furnace is up for the task of running efficiently. Preventative maintenance will ensure that your heating system is running reliably, so you won’t need to worry about an expensive system breakdown when temperatures are low. Professional maintenance also helps prolong the life of the system.

Last, check your air filters. Clean or replace them every month, or every other month, depending on how often you use the heater and what type of filter you have. These filters trap dirt, dander, bacteria, dust, and other harmful substances that travel into the air you breathe. If they clog the filter and build up, the dirt and bacteria will continually recirculate back into your home. This can contribute to sickness and allergies.

Do you want to stay healthier this year? Look no further than the air you breathe. Clean air helps you stay well, even when viruses seem to be everywhere. Call our team of professionals at Specialty Heating and Cooling to learn more about which air purification system works best for your space.

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