The warmer weather will be here for a while and that means getting outside to enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest summer. Unfortunately, for those living with allergies or asthma, it can be difficult to be outside for extended periods of time. With wildfire smoke threatening the air quality outside, it can cause even more flare ups. But did you know that the air quality inside your home can be just as damaging? Here are some tips to improve the air that you’re breathing this summer.

#1: Keep your air filters cleaned.
Your air conditioning system has air filters that need to be cleaned or replaced regularly. If you forget about this, dirt and debris build up on the filter and that will make its way into the air you breathe. We recommend changing or cleaning your filters every 1 to 2 months depending on use and what type of filter you have in your home.  This will minimize the dirty air that is pushed into your home and it also helps keep the machine working at maximum efficiency.

#2: Install an air purification system.
Air purifiers are some of the best ways to ensure your air is clean. They help remove bacteria, allergens, and other molecules that contribute to poor indoor air quality. At Specialty Heating and Cooling, we can help you determine the right air purifier for your home. We’ll install it alongside your heating and cooling system, so you can benefit from clean air all year long.

#3: Don’t forget about professional maintenance.
Your air conditioning system needs annual maintenance by experienced HVAC professionals. This ensures the machine is running properly and efficiently, and that there are no potential problem spots that could cause a breakdown or expensive repair later.

Breathing clean air contributes to your overall health. Let us help you breathe air that is free of allergens and pollutants! Contact us for a preventative maintenance appointment or to learn more about air purification systems. We can also share how a new, energy efficient air conditioner can benefit you. We look forward to working with you!