During the cold winter months in Oregon, staying warm is one of your highest priorities. Unfortunately, this time of year brings a lot of fires and issues with carbon monoxide to residences around the Northwest. Here are some ways to ensure you, your family, and your home stay safe this winter.

Be aware of what’s flammable.
Make sure to keep anything flammable away from heating equipment, including your fireplace, space heaters, or your furnace system. It’s a good idea to keep things at least three feet away.

Install carbon monoxide detectors.
Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save lives. But unfortunately, many homeowners simply forget about testing them or changing their batteries. Prevent house fires or leaking carbon monoxide with regular testing. Also, follow a schedule to change the batteries regularly. Check these detectors every month to make sure they are working well. That way, you can depend on them to alert you in the event of an emergency.

Do not cover vents.
Your heating vents bring in that beautiful warm air that you need to stay comfortable this winter. Make sure you have all your vents clear. They should not be covered with rugs, curtains, furniture, or other fabrics or materials that could cause obstructed airflow. Not to mention, if the materials get too hot, they could pose a fire risk.

Avoid using space heaters.
Portable space heaters do a good job at keeping you warm, but unfortunately, they are very dangerous to use. If you do need to use a space heater, be sure you only use it for a short time and unplug it as soon as you leave the room. Do not ever keep a portable heater near loose bedding or fabric. Also, if there are pets or kids in the area, keep them away from it, as the heaters get hot and could cause painful burns.

Oregon winters are wet and cold and having a reliable heating system is critical to staying comfortable this season. So, call us today to get your maintenance appointment set up for your furnace. Or, if your furnace is old and needs to be replace with something new and energy efficient, we can help find the right product within your budget. We look forward to helping you stay comfortable this winter!

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