We are getting into the colder months now and your furnace will be put to good use. This time of year, consider how you can cut costs and save money. Look no further than your furnace! Did you know that an efficient heating system can save you money? Here are some ways to ensure your furnace is working at peak efficiency.

#1: Keep your thermostat set at one temperature.

Fluctuating temperatures cause your furnace to use more energy than necessary. So, keep it set to one temperature. However, keep in mind that if your furnace is running while you’re gone all day, you could be wasting money. Instead, consider installing a programmable thermostat and program it to turn down when you’re done, then back up right before you return. These thermostats are fantastic at giving users the control to adjust it to whatever they want – no matter where they are at. Programmable thermostats allow homeowners to experience a more comfortable, evenly heated home, which keeps your furnace running efficiently.

#2: Don’t forget about your air filters.

Planning on using your heater throughout the fall and winter? Don’t forget to change or clean your air filters. Dirty filters greatly reduce the overall efficiency of your furnace’s blower motor and causes the system to work harder. This translates to a higher utility bill, and it puts extra wear and tear on your system. Clean or replace your filters every other month.

#3: Insulate your home.

Your home’s insulation works in tandem with your heating system. The same goes for your windows and doors. Ensure that they are sealed properly and that you have adequate insulation, so that precious heated air doesn’t slip through the cracks. This makes your system work harder than it has to, ultimately translating to high bills and a system that could break down and need repairs.

Our experienced team at Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC will help get your furnace tuned up and ready to go for the coldest days of winter. This means you can stay comfortable, your furnace will last longer, and you’ll have more money in your pocket. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!