Water Heater Service and Installation in Lake Oswego, ORSpecialty Heating & Cooling LLC provides top-notch, professional water heater service for residents in Lake Oswego, OR. If you’re experiencing any issues or malfunctions with your water heater, then it may be time to look into getting a new water heater installation. From beginning to end, our highly skilled plumbers make the entire process of removing your old water heater and installing the new one seamless. In some instances, an entire new water heater system is not needed and our highly-trained team of plumbers can easily take care of repairing those issues.

    If your hot water tank is not efficiently heating your water, then it is probably time to check out Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC in Lake Oswego, located southeast of Fanno Creek Park. A new water heater installation will be an easy decision with our team guiding you every step of the way.

    Superior Water Heater Installation and Service

    Is your water bill increasing each pay period? Do you know that you need a new water heater but feel overwhelmed with where to start? Relax and let our experts help you choose which model would best serve your needs and your unique situation. We have several models to choose from, including electric, gas, and heat pump styles. In addition, Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC offers energy-saving equipment because we proudly partner with the Energy Trust of Oregon. We also pride ourselves on our green initiatives by recycling refrigerant, metal, oil, paper, and any other waste that we create.

    There are several factors you should keep in mind when determining if your water heater needs to be replaced!
    • Bad-smelling odors coming from faucets
    • Fluctuating water temperatures
    • Signs of deterioration such as leaking or poor water quality
    • Making strange noises
    • Thermostat failure

    If you’re interested in upgrading your current hot water tank, Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC is here to help you with your water heater service. You can count on our experienced plumbers to help you assess your hot water needs and make the right decision for your home.

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    #1 Water Heater Service in Lake Oswego

    #1 Water Heater Service in Lake OswegoWe are a family-owned and operated heating company and cooling company dedicated to providing the highest quality of responsive service and seek to go above and beyond what our customers expect. Our award-winning team offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we are proud to have a team of highly skilled plumbers. In addition, we also frequently offer service specials, coupons, and seasonal discounts. You can depend on us to respond in a timely manner to all questions and concerns.

    Do you need a new water heater in Lake Oswego or would like to learn more about our services? Call us today and let our superior team of plumbers assist you right away!

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