Winter has arrived and the snow and ice has already made its way to the Pacific Northwest. Your furnace has a big job ahead and ensuring that it is protected from snow and ice is something to consider. Here are some tips on protecting your furnace during the coldest days of winter.

#1: Schedule furnace maintenance right away.
If you have not had your furnace tuned up by a professional yet, don’t delay. It is very important to stay on top of regular preventative maintenance for your machine. Doing this prolongs the life of your system, and helps make sure its running at maximum efficiency. During this appointment, our experienced technicians will do a thorough examination of your machine. We’ll check the internal components, change or clean the air filters, and make sure it is running as efficiently as possible. If there is an issue that we notice that is either causing a problem now or could pose a threat to a system breakdown in the future, we’ll talk to you about it. Our goal is for you to have a system that works reliably, all year long.

#2: Clear away accumulation.
Piles of snow or ice can cause damage to your machine. It could also cause the system to freeze, which could lead to an unexpected breakdown. So, if we get significant snow or ice, be sure to clear off the excess from the machine. In addition, make sure to keep the area around your machine clear from snow and ice or other debris. When you are doing this, take care not to use sharp objects that could damage the machine or the coils.

#3: Keep the exhaust unobstructed.
When we get snow, it can accumulate and obstruct the exhaust portion of your furnace. If that happens, the unit won’t operate like it should. A blocked exhaust could also allow for carbon monoxide to make its way into your home or business. Be sure to keep the exhaust area free and clear, so there are no issues.

Last, be sure there are no tree branches near the furnace unit. While the branches might look harmless, they could be dangerous if snow or ice builds up and they become heavy enough to snap and fall. Falling branches or limbs could cause damage to your HVAC system that could be expensive to fix.

Call our team at Specialty Heating and Cooling today to get your machine tuned-up, repaired, or to talk about a full replacement. We are committed to keeping you comfortable all season long!


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