Spring is here, with its warm weather, blooming flowers, and longer days. When it comes to planning for springtime, don’t forget to schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment. This is a very important home maintenance task!

Professional tune-ups keep your system running more reliably.
Your home’s heating and cooling system is a large financial investment. So, you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. The best way to ensure your HVAC system runs reliably for years to come is with professional maintenance. That’s because we check the system inside and out and ensure it’s running at peak efficiency with no glaring issues.

Maintenance helps save energy.
Life is expensive, and many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their spending. Look no further than your heating and cooling system! If your system is not tuned up, chances are, it could be working harder than it must. And that translates to excess energy use! During your maintenance appointment, we’ll run an energy efficiency check to ensure its operating as it should. If there are any adjustments or repairs needed to make sure the system isn’t sucking energy, we’ll talk to you about those. Then, we’ll sure everything else is up and running quickly.

Maintenance gives you peace of mind regarding your system’s reliability.
It’s really stressful when your heating and cooling system stops working unexpectedly. Not only are you left with an uncomfortable inside temperature, but you’’ll also worry about how much it will cost fix things.  Professional maintenance reduces your chance of an unexpected system failure or breakdown.

So, no matter what the weather decides to do this spring, prepare ahead of time with your spring tune-up. Or, if your machine is out of date and already shows signs of being unreliable, get a quote for a replacement. Our experts at Specialty Heating and Cooling have served customers in the Portland Metro area for the last four decades. That means you can trust our expertise and commitment to customer service. Call us today to get your appointment scheduled!

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