Most of the time, homeowners don’t know if there are leaks or cracks in their ductwork. Unfortunately, this is a common problem, and it can cause significant energy loss that translates to expensive heating and cooling costs! In fact, about 30% of conditioned air is leaked out of ductwork due to gaps, holes, and other faulty work. This can lead to dust, mold, and other hazardous materials/particles making their way into your home or business, and the air you breathe. Not to mention, you’ll notice drafts higher utility bills.

Not sure if you have leaky ducts? Our team at Specialty Heating and Cooling is proficient in Aeroseal Duct Sealing. This unique, patented solution fixes leaks from the inside out. It uses an injected sealant to the ducts, so when the air enters the ducts, the particles collide and stick to the edges of leak, sealing them completely. The result is more efficient heating in your home or business, healthier and more breathable air, and more money in your pocket.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out this testimonial from our customer!

“My house was built in 1999 and basically all the HVAC was original, so I was expecting there to be some efficiency to be gained by sealing all the ducts and making sure the heating and cooling I was paying for was making it to the places where I can feel it.  I wasn’t expecting 48% of the air going through my ducts to be lost before it got to me and my family. 

The first thing I noticed once the process was done was that when my system turned on, it wasn’t blowing ice cold air for a couple minutes anymore, it was blowing mildly cool air for a few seconds – probably because ice cold air wasn’t leaking into my ducts in the winter.  The second thing I noticed was my wife saying “Oh! It’s actually warm inside now!”

I had an 80% efficient furnace before I got Aeroseal. So, for every dollar I spent on natural gas to heat my house, only 80 cents was being converted into heat. Before Aeroseal, with half of that heat getting leaked before getting to me, for every dollar I spent to heat my house, 40 cents was making it into the house, meaning 60% of my heating bill was going straight into the trash.  After Aeroseal, my ducts were leaking ~4% of the air going through them, so instead of 40 cents of heating making it into my house, 76 cents of heating made it into my house. When winter heating bills are well into the hundreds, that’s a significant savings in direct costs alone that accumulate every month – let alone the long-term savings from not having my HVAC equipment have to work so hard to maintain a comfortable temperature.”

Call us today to learn more about the benefits of Aeroseal and to schedule your appointment to get your ductwork sealed. You’ll notice an immediate difference! We look forward to helping you.