As the we leave the colder winter days behind, spring returns and many of us start looking to our spring cleaning list. Don’t forget to include your heating and cooling system in your list of things to check. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

#1: Now is the time to set up your spring tune-up appointment.
Your car needs regular oil changes and your body needs checkups with a doctor. Your heating and cooling system needs regular tune-ups, too. Professional maintenance on your HVAC machine helps keep things running at peak efficiency. It also helps ensure everything is operating as it should. Not to mention, it also helps your system last longer. During your tune-up appointment, our team of experienced technicians will clean or replace air filters, clean the blower motor, run an energy efficiency check, and look at all of the internal components. If we notice anything that could pose an issue later, we’ll let you know. Our goal is to ensure your system is reliable and efficient.

#2: Change or clean your air filters.
This is one of the easiest home maintenance tasks to complete. Unfortunately, it is often neglected. Dirty air filters translate to dirty air and poor air quality. Pull out your air filter and take a look. Is it full of dust, debris, or pet hair? All of that debris can be recirculated into the air you breathe. So, we recommend changing filters every 1 to 2 months.

#3: Consider your indoor air quality.
With everything blooming in the spring, allergies will start kicking in for a lot of people. An air purification system can help reduce allergy symptoms and also help eliminate pathogens that cause sickness or asthma. Good indoor air quality will give you a new lease on life this spring. Take a deep breath knowing that the air is clean inside your home or office.

With springtime right around the corner, our schedule is filling up quickly! So, whether you need an annual maintenance appointment, a repair, or you want to get a new system installed before the warmer weather starts, our team at Specialty Heating and Cooling can help. Contact us today!

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