This past Saturday a team of Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC employees volunteered their time at the Oregon Humane Society through our giving back program, SHCCares. Our time was in remembrance of Ben Snodgrass. Ben was a long-time employee of Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC who passed away earlier this year. He loved animals and his family had asked that his memory be carried on through supporting the Oregon Humane Society.

While at the Oregon Humane Society, the group worked on cleaning up the dog-walking paths behind the facility. We also learned about the history of OHS & the organization’s long-term goals for expansion. We also had a tour of the facility and got information about additional volunteering that we can do as a group in the future. One of our favorite parts was meeting several dogs as they were being walked along the path.

“I have known about OHS for a long time and have adopted a dog from them in the past, but did not know about all the history and what they do as an organization beyond adoptions. It was a great way to remember Ben in this special way. I also enjoyed spending time with our staff outside of work, we have great people who work for us!” – Owner, Sarah Streeter

“I had a great day of giving my time to an organization that I love. All of my life, my pets have been adopted from shelters. I enjoyed spending time with my co-workers outside of office hours working on a project to serve our community. A part of our time at OHS was spent on a tour of their facilities learning about their various programs that they offer to our community. I am very much looking forward to contributing to future projects.” – Tanya S.

“I would like to thank Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC and the Oregon Humane Society for providing the opportunity to honor Ben Snodgrass, by volunteering as a group. OHS was an organization that Ben was very fond of and after seeing what it is they do, I think we all understand why Ben was so fond of them. Having 13 co-workers participate in the maintenance of the walking trails was very rewarding and a fantastic way to honor Ben. If you haven’t volunteered at OHS please consider doing so, the work they do for all the animals is amazing.” – Jeff S.

We love being a part of the local community and giving back. To learn more about what we’ve done with our SHC Cares program, visit here.

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