Indoor Air Quality in Portland, ORAt Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC, we understand the importance of having good indoor air quality in every home in Portland, OR. Contaminants in the air can lead to an array of health issues if they don’t get removed. High concentrations of air pollution can be found in houses when you don’t have the chance to keep windows open to let fresh air in. Indoor air pollution can also be a problem in modern homes that are designed to be highly energy-efficient and built to be extremely airtight. Having air quality testing performed can help you understand the types of air pollution that you’re dealing with. An expert can offer sound advice about different types of air cleaning systems that could suit your needs.

    Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC also offers indoor air quality solutions in:

    Reliable Air Quality Testing

    Air contaminants can arise from a variety of sources. Homes with pets tend to have worse air quality than those without. Cooking, candles, outdoor sources, paints, and furniture can all contribute to poor air quality. Particulates, chemical vapors, viruses, bacteria, and mold can all be airborne and inhaled. If you’ve noticed that people in your household are sneezing or coughing a lot, it might be due to poor air quality. Long-term exposure to some types of pollution can even lead to heart and lung disease.

    Air Testing

    There are several options available for cleaning the indoor air in your home:
    • Purifiers remove allergens
    • Filters remove dust
    • Air scrubbers remove air pollution
    • UV lights inactivates viruses

    An expert can help you choose between getting a whole-house system installed or purchasing smaller portable units. They’ll make sure that everything is installed properly and ready to operate flawlessly.

    Portland’s Indoor Air Quality Experts

    The technicians from Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC are highly experienced and ready for any type of job in the Portland area. Our locally owned and operated company strives to exceed expectations with everything we do. We are highly personalized and will make sure that your individual needs are met. All of our results come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, too. We’re passionate about offering great customer service at all times.

    Our HVAC company is accredited by the BBB, and we’ve earned an A+ rating for the exceptional quality we offer. We can install all types of air cleaning systems professionally. We’re not comfortable until you are, so we’ll go the extra mile to make sure that everything gets done right the first time. We never cut corners with our work.

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    To learn more about how we could help you keep the air in your Portland area home as clean as possible, call Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC today.