September is here and that means the cool days of fall will be here soon. It is important to ensure your HVAC system is tuned up, so it is reliable all season long. Here are some important tips on how to get your system ready, so you can stay comfortable.

#1: Install a programmable thermostat.
Programmable thermostats are incredibly helpful! Planning on leaving during the day but want to adjust your system to turn to a specific temperature before you get home, no problem. Simply program the thermostat from a distance! You can program the temperature to be exactly what you want, when you want it. These thermostats help you save money on wasted electricity and extra energy usage. That means you will save money over time!

#2: Schedule your fall tune-up.
Your heating and cooling system isn’t built to last forever, but preventative maintenance on it will help it last as long as possible. Get the most out of your system by staying on top of tune-ups. We recommend that you have a tune-up done annually. Here, we will change your filters, make sure all internal components are working as they should, and check to ensure it’s running at maximum efficiency. If we notice a problem, we will talk to you about it and make a plan for a repair.

#3: Replace your old heating and cooling system.
How old is your system? If it’s 15 to 17 years old, chances are, it simply isn’t working at maximum efficiency. It’s probably using more energy than it should, and it could break down unexpectedly. If you have spent money on a lot of repairs in the last year or two, it’s time to think about investing in a system replacement. A new machine has the energy efficiency and reliability that you want and need.

So, whether you need a simple repair, a fall tune-up, or a completely new system, our team at Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC can help! Contact us today for new system options or to schedule your maintenance appointment. We look forward to getting your system ready to go for the upcoming change of season.