Spring weather brings warmer days! And, summer will be here in a blink of an eye.  Now is the time to think about your air conditioning system. Is it ready to keep you cool all season long? Here are two main ways you can get your air conditioning ready for the warm days ahead.

#1: Schedule a professional maintenance appointment.
There are a lot of things you can do yourself as a homeowner, but tuning up your air conditioning system isn’t one of them. Professional AC tune ups keep your system operating at peak efficiency. They also help prolong the life of your system. Our experienced team at Specialty Heating and Cooling will clean coils, blades, and other internal components during your appointment. Additionally, we’ll run an energy efficiency check, ensure that the filters are cleaned, and check that it’s not using excess energy. A clean cooling system helps things operate like they were built to do. And that means you shouldn’t see spikes in your energy bill.

#2: Clean off debris.
Living in the Pacific Northwest means getting used the rain, wind, and other storms that frequent our area. With that weather, comes debris that makes its way into your yard and around your outside AC unit. Make sure there are no tree branches, dirt, grass clippings, or other debris that have piled on or around the unit. This allows the system to run efficiently, without any fear of debris or branches making their way to the inside of the unit. That could cause a system breakdown or another issue that could impact your air conditioning’s performance.

So, don’t wait until the summer to think about your air conditioning. Plan ahead by scheduling your maintenance appointment now. This ensures your system is ready to go on the next hot day. Not to mention, you’ll have peace of mind that your AC is ready to handle whatever weather happens this year – without risk of breaking down with an expensive repair.

So, let us help you stay comfortable this spring and summer! Call us today to get your appointment on the books, or to talk to us about a full system replacement.