It’s summer in Oregon! The forecast is calling for record heat this month, so you’ll need to make sure your air conditioner is ready to handle the heat. Nobody wants to have a machine that breaks down when it’s hot and sticky outside. Here are some helpful ways to avoid costly air conditioner repairs this year.

Regular Maintenance and Air Filter Cleaning

Unfortunately, a lot of machines stop working because of neglect. Not changing or cleaning air filters are a part of that. Air filters capture dust, debris, and other allergens or particles in the air, but if those are not cleaned off or the filter isn’t changed, this could cause blocked airflow. This puts strain on the machine and if that continues for a long time, internal components could break. The debris can also build up inside the vents and ultimately, introduce harmful particles into the air you breathe. This contributes to poor indoor air quality, allergies, and even sickness.

Clear Debris Around the Exterior Unit

Next, be sure to clear any debris that has accumulated around the exterior unit. Lawn clippings, twigs, tall grass, shrubbery, leaves, or other debris should be free and clear of the machine. If it gets inside the machine, it can really cause problems! We recommend keeping about two feet of space between the system and the bushes or shrubs.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

In addition, set a reminder for annual air conditioning maintenance. Just like your vehicle requires oil changes on the regular, so does your cooling system. Our team of licensed and trained technicians will run an energy efficiency check and work their way through a multi-point system to make sure everything is running optimally and there are no glaring problems. Professional tune-ups are the best way to ensure there are no surprise system breakdowns when you least expect it.

Contact the Experts

Hot summer days are here to stay for a while and a well-functioning air conditioning system is a great way to cool down. Call our team today at Specialty Heating and Cooling to make a preventative maintenance appointment or to learn more about getting a new AC system this year. We love serving our Oregon customers and our commitment to quality and customer service is unmatched.

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