If you believe that your ducting has developed unwanted leaks, then it’s time to call for professional duct sealing in Lake Oswego, OR. Any duct leak can cause your heating and cooling system to overwork. That means more money out of your pocket spent on energy bills to run your HVAC system. With ductwork sealing, you can eliminate those leaks and get back to enjoying your HVAC system’s energy-efficient operation.

    Duct Sealing in Lake Oswego, OR

    Duct Sealing in Lake Oswego

    Duct Sealing in Lake OswegoOver time, the ducting throughout your home can experience extreme temperatures and physical damage. This can lead to the development of holes and gaps that can allow treated air to escape. Professional ductwork sealing involves inserting a sealant into your ducting to cover up those holes and gaps so that your treated air can no longer escape into your wall and floor cavities.

    There are many telltale signs that your ducting has developed leaks.
    • Your HVAC struggles to keep your home comfortable
    • Higher than normal energy bills
    • Your home is extra dusty
    • Your HVAC is constantly running
    • Your ducting is over 15 years old

    It can be easy to forget to think about the condition and lifespan of your ducting, as it’s mainly hidden behind the walls and under the floors of your home. However, if your ducting is over 15 years old, it’s likely that it has developed some leaks and holes. Having it properly sealed can block off those leaks and allow your HVAC system to run more efficiently.

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