Commercial HVAC Service in Lake Oswego, ORLake Oswego is one of the best places to start a business, thanks to its proximity to Portland. The city is also home to several business districts, such as Kruse Way. Summers are dry, warm, and short, while winters are freezing and wet. That means you need reliable commercial HVAC service in Lake Oswego, OR to maintain optimal temperatures in your commercial place all year. Unfortunately, even the most dependable HVAC equipment can break down due to a dirty condenser coil, improper installation, a broken thermostat, dirty filters, improperly balanced dampers, and lack of routine maintenance. Our technicians have the technical experience and skills necessary to keep your commercial HVAC system reliable and efficient. Lake Oswego business owners rely on us to install, repair, and maintain their commercial heating and cooling equipment.

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    Temperature can make or break the first impressions your business makes on employees and customers. Fluctuating temperatures can discourage your customers from doing business with you. It can also disrupt your employees, lower productivity, and lead to discontent. Signs that your commercial equipment will fail are pretty obvious. For instance, it might start to produce strange sounds or odors.

    Lake Oswego's Top Commercial HVAC ServiceYour utility bills might also rise drastically, or you could notice leaking ducts and water damage. Overlooking these issues can lead to costly repairs down the line. That’s why you should let our certified technicians check your commercial heating and cooling equipment to determine the problem and perform necessary repairs.

    Paying attention to these common commercial HVAC problems can help you seek professional HVAC services early to prevent further damage.
    • Inadequate cooling or heating
    • Reduced indoor air quality
    • Lower energy efficiency
    • Strange sounds and smells
    • Trouble starting the equipment

    Many business owners in Lake Oswego and the surrounding areas don’t know whether to have their faulty HVAC systems repaired or replaced. The truth is that this is a case-by-case situation, but our certified technicians will inspect the commercial equipment and consider your business goals and heating and cooling needs to find the correct answer.

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    Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC is proud to help business owners in Lake Oswego and the surrounding areas maintain optimal temperatures in their commercial spaces throughout the year. We strive to deliver high-quality commercial HVAC service that your employees and customers deserve. Whether you need comprehensive maintenance, reliable repairs, or professional installations, our commercial heating and cooling are performed with skill and precision. We serve all streets, including 10th Street, A Avenue, Adams Court, 65th Avenue, Green Street, and more.

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    Efficient heating and cooling are central to the comfort and success of your business. Contact us today to get the best commercial heating and cooling in the area.