Commercial HVAC Service in Beaverton, ORAre you searching for reliable commercial HVAC service in Beaverton, OR, or the surrounding area? Ensuring that your commercial HVAC system is operating optimally is important. An inefficient system can cost your business money. Lack of heating and cooling will also affect employee productivity and customer comfort. Even worse, a malfunctioning system can pose a safety hazard, putting you, your employees and clients, and your business property at risk. Get the peace of mind you need by working with a trusted commercial HVAC company like Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC.

    Beaverton’s Best Commercial HVAC Service

    While commercial systems heat and cool a building in much the same way as a residential unit, there are some important differences that require a different set of HVAC knowledge. Of course, the obvious difference is their size. Commercial systems generally heat and cool a much larger space, so they need more power and components to function properly.

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    The placement of commercial systems is also quite different. Most residential units are placed in a backyard or alongside a building, but commercial units are installed on the roof. This placement offers space-saving benefits, but it also helps reduce the noise pollution of these large systems.

    Beaverton's Best Commercial HVAC ServiceIt’s important to note that not every business needs commercial heating and air system. If you operate a small office space, for instance, a residential unit is likely sufficient. Even a large building with many partitioned-off rooms may be better suited for multiple residential units rather than a large commercial system.

    You will likely need the services of commercial heating and air company if you operate one of the following.
    • Large warehouse
    • Department store
    • Production factory
    • Office building

    If you’re looking to install a system in your new business, an experienced commercial HVAC technician will help you decide if a commercial unit is right for your space. They’ll also ensure that you get a system that is properly sized for your needs. When you have a repair issue, they’ll get your commercial unit back up and running as soon as possible to reduce any business interruptions. Commercial technicians are also skilled at maintaining commercial systems so that they operate efficiently year-round.

    Professional Commercial HVAC Team

    At Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC, our team handles commercial HVAC projects throughout Beaverton. We are a BBB-accredited company with an A+ rating. All of our commercial technicians are highly experienced in working on units of all makes and models. Regardless of whether you need HVAC repairs, maintenance, or installation, our team can help. We respond punctually to all of our appointments, and we’re dedicated to offering competitive pricing. We also offer expert residential HVAC services!

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    Our shop is located on SW Tech Center Drive in Tigard, and we look forward to serving you with quality commercial HVAC service. Reach out to us today for more information or to set up an appointment.