Expert HVAC Contractor in Newberg

When you need the best AC services, turn to an award-winning HVAC company in Newberg, OR. Summers in Newberg tend to be warm and dry. Therefore, you need a reliable air conditioning unit to maintain optimal temperatures during the hot summer months in your home or business. An effective AC will improve air quality, reduce asthma attacks, and improve energy efficiency. It can also help keep away parasites and insects.

Unfortunately, your air conditioning unit has a lifespan. It can also fail due to a bad fuse, leaking refrigerant, dirty coils, electrical problems, or lack of annual maintenance. Whether your air conditioning unit is struggling to cool your home during the hot summer months, or you need to upgrade your old and ineffective unit, you can count on us at Specialty Heating & Cooling LLC as an HVAC contractor to install, upgrade, or replace your AC unit.